Information controller Any personal information provided or collected by this site is primarily controlled by K. EXPRESS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, located in the Municipality of Zakynthos.

What data is collected by K. EXPRESS M. LTD?

Reservation Information: When booking for car rental services, we ask for your name, postal address, telephone number and email address. This helps us process your booking, contact you if we have any problems with your request or send you an online confirmation of any offers you received or reservations you made. If you pay for your rental at the time of booking, you will be asked to enter the type of payment card, the number and the expiration date to make your payment.

Transaction History: We will maintain electronic records of all lease and other transactions you make with K. EXPRESS M. Ltd..

The IP address: We collect your IP address when you visit our website. This only identifies the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and does not contain any information about you as a natural person. We use this information to help us understand more about the traffic of our site.

Cookies: Our site uses cookies. Cookies are encrypted text clusters that a web site saves on the user's computer. Cookies allow us to tailor our website and offers to your needs to provide you with a better online experience. In addition, cookies are used to measure the use of different pages on our site to help us make our information more relevant to your needs and easier to access for you. The types of cookies we use are known as session cookies and permanent cookies.

Session Cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted when you leave our site. Permanent cookies remain on your computer's hard drive until you delete them. We do not use cookies to gather information about your visits to other sites or to verify any personal information about your person other than those you voluntarily provide us with on our website. Cookies do not damage or destroy computer files, programs, or your computer.

How does K. EXPRESS M. LTD use your information?

Sharing information K. EXPRESS Ltd. will never give your personal information to any other company unless you have given us your consent, your personal information will not be used for any other purpose.

K. EXPRESS M. Ltd. Electronic Tenders If you take part in a competition we upload to our site, we will ask you to enter some personal information so that we can notify you if necessary. Exact terms and conditions and rules for each contest will be posted at the time and may vary. If a prize / gift is offered through a third party, we may need to disclose information to the third party above to facilitate the distribution of the prizes / prizes to be awarded.

Electronic Research K. EXPRESS M. LTD When you participate in any online survey, you may be asked to provide some personal information, for example, about your age or income. Providing all or some of the requested information is optional. The results of the survey will only be used to improve the car rental experience K. EXPRESS Ltd. for our customers and not for any other purpose.

How does K. EXPRESS MA protect your data? Secure Socket Layer encryption technology (SSL) is used to protect your personal data, such as details of your credit card when making a reservation.

Any personal information we hold as part of the client's profile will be stored in a database with physical and technological security control procedures.

Only the last 4 digits of your credit card number will be displayed when viewing, modifying or deleting your credit card information or any reservation on our website.

Our commitment to data security The security of your personal data is important to us. When you enter sensitive information (such as your payment card number) during each booking or booking process, we encrypt this information using Secure Socket Layer encryption technology (SSL).

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect personal information and personal data submitted to us both during and after reception. However, no method of internet transmission, or electronic storage method is 100% safe. Therefore, while we try to use commercially acceptable means of protecting your personal information, we can not guarantee absolute security.
With that in mind, we would ask you not to enter the payment number of the card in the fields of our website, unless this field is specifically labeled for this purpose.

Access and update information You are welcome to view the information stored for you at any time and make the necessary modifications to keep the information up to date.

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You may unsubscribe at any time and you will be given the option to do so from any newsletter we send you, or alternatively using the registration cancellation form on our site.

Changes to our Terms of Use Any changes to these Terms of Use will always be posted on our site.

Terms of Use of Cookies The website of K. EXPRESS M. LTD uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by the browser, and allows it to remember information between web pages and browser sessions. K. EXPRESS Ltd. uses a series of primary cookies - produced and used by K. EXPRESS M. Ltd.'s website - and some "tertiary" cookies - produced on our website by third parties. They allow us to remember every point of your booking as you browse our site, remember your details (as a customer), and show you the most appropriate content on your screen based on your choices and travel. They also help us understand the user's behavior on our site, which means we can make the experience better for you.

Cookies can only save text, which is always anonymous and usually encrypted. K. EXPRESS Ltd. will never store any personal information in a cookie.